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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Food for thought...thought for food

Those of us who attended the December meeting decided the tapas bar atmosphere was more conducive to talk and general good feeling than the bookstore coffee bar, and so at least for a while, we will look to have at least some of our meetings in similar venues.

As you may have noted, we decided on The Grape as St Johns Town Center for our January meeting (we've also reverted to the third Tuesday of the month; we used the second Tuesday to avoid running into end-of-year party and travel plans.

If you have suggestions for future meeting places, please do feel free to use this blog to post them. The general criteria that we decided on are a) location accessible from all over Jax area, b) wine or beer selection and snacks to light meals available, but set up so that there is no pressure to order more than you might want, and 2) not too noisy. If you have a favorite spot, or one in mind that you've been meaning to try, please post a comment and let us know about it!


Anonymous said...

Maybe we could vote in January for the next two months? That way if we want to order off amazon.com, we'll have more time to get the books.

At January meeting, vote for Feb and March.
At Feb meeting, vote for April and May.

Just an idea. See ya'll in January


Anonymous said...


Above is a link to The Grape

Seems like a nice place to meet. And they have an outside patio so if the weather is nice, maybe we'll meet outside?