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Monday, January 14, 2008

American Bloomsbury

I really enjoyed the book, especially the way the author very economically shed light on the genesis of The Scarlet Letter, and on the struggles of Louisa Mae Alcott. One thing that puzzled me was the impression conveyed to me at least that Margaret Fuller was the only public feminist in the world. The Seneca Falls conference was in 1848 and was energized by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and (I think) Lucreita Mott and Susan B. Anthony. For that matter, The Vindication of the Rights of Women had been published in 1792. With that caveat, though, I thought the book packed a lot of history, personalities and ideas into a short space.

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Susan said...

Something to discuss. The conflicting roles and feelings and rights of women during that time AND during this time. Certainly we've come a long way. It would be silly for anyone to say today that a good option for a woman is to just OD on opium and stay in bed all the time.

I like it that you started this blog thing. But I wonder if I miss some of the posts. Maybe we could also talk about how this blog thing works at the meeting.

I'm looking forward to the glass of wine at The Grape. But I hope no one feels that they MUST order wine. It seemed to me to be a casual atmosphere so someone could come and order nothing if they wish.